Wellness is the state of optimal well-being in body, mind, and spirit

 A good healer seeks to address all aspects of the person.

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I started my holistic studies and training almost 24 years ago when I became a state licensed massage therapist. Through my years of training and assisting others with their pain. I started to develop severe migraines. I didn’t know the cause but I was experiencing the effects. Almost 18 years ago, I had a horrible bout of food poisoning from a popular sit-down restaurant. From there, I became vegetarian, even though my health improved, my migraines didn’t.

A few years ago, A biomagnetic (energy) doctor helped me to feel better. Then I started my quest to become vegan and I’ve been feeling much better. Are my migraines 100% gone? NO! But I feel 90% better. I use as many holistic and biomagnetic treatments as I can, so I can increase my wellness. I teach others through coaching and wellness sessions, how to live a more holistic lifestyle.

Shonda Padron


Since childhood, I was treated with herbs, healing sessions, home-homeopathic remedies by my mother and my great aunt. They used traditional cupping methods to detox my body; along with other methods like teas, salves, herbs, essential oils, stones and other homeopathic medicines. They were advocates for detoxing the body. Then many years later, I married my wife who is also well versed in holistic medicine. Her years of natural living and eating has been helping me to change my life for the better. Guess how old am I?

Arturo Padron


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